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Call into The Underground!


Are you tired of typing to people? It's time to talk with them, LiVe in real time! You can learn so much about someone pretty quickly, just by hearing their voice! People from all walks of life use "The Universal Underground" to meet real and exciting people to chat with over the phone. It can be fun and entertaining. There are new callers every day. We provide our service for free. That's right, got a cellphone or unlimited long distance? Call in FREE!




The Universal Underground Chatline/Partyline was reformed over THREE Years ago and ever since its return, It has once again become a hot spot for good chat and entertainment. With it's Phone Chatline and Webchat combination, the possibilities are endless for the types of fun you can have! The Underground offers Free LiVe telephone chat rooms also known as conference rooms. They are available as public or private Rooms with your OWN Admin Controls! Bulletin or message boards also available. And if your really into our chat system, you have the option of running your own chat room too! There is something for everyone here in The Underground Chatline! Our 712 area code is based in Iowa, but the callers are based from EVERYWHERE in the USA Including some parts of Canada! There are no hidden fees or additional charges. We have cool phone chat features that are FREE to Men & Women of ALL walks of life! Just call in. Welcome to The Universal Underground Chatline! "Where EVERYONE in The Underground is UNIVERSAL!"

Different strokes for different folks

Gamers call in The Underground! Some groups come in to run their own room with their gaming crews & clans. For example, gamers from GTA Online and Call of Duty as well as many other online communities.



Some callers in The Underground do not like to chat in the Levels which is okay. Thats why we have Bulletin Message boards for those who like to blab there. There are multiple boards on there to try.

Music lovers call into The Underground! With our "Shoutcast" music option, you can hear some great tunes in Level 20 or you can add your own style as an option when running your own Level/room.



Make your own party! Pick any Level to hang with friends or if your new here, try Level 1 - The Meet & Greet Welcome Lobby, The place to make yourself known in live chat.

NOW Available! RUN YOUR OWN PUBLIC or PRIVATE Telephone Chatroom!

NOW Available! RUN YOUR OWN PUBLIC or PRIVATE Telephone Chatroom!